Cassette store day and the greatest rock n roll swindle

IMG_0197-0.PNGBeing in the record “business” for so long and collecting music for longer than most of these Burger Babes have been alive, it is easy to be jaded on Record Store Day. We grew up in record stores practically, and people my age are probably the last to have a common experience of loitering, listening, poseur-ing, and even buying some stuff. My memories of physically inhabiting the catacombs of purchasable music are equal parts nothing-else-to-do suburban hanging out at mall music shops and a little later reading Maximum Rock N Roll on a long bus ride to a super punk record shop, trying to memorize the bands I thought were cool so I could actually walk in there and buy something obscure. Something that would impress the dude with face tattoos behind the counter. Something no one I knew had heard (even me). When I look back on it it was by today’s standards a stupid as fuck way to spend money and compared to today I had very little of it. It was almost like gambling when you consider that the average person probably doesn’t go get a bagel without yelping, buy a pair of socks without reading Amazon reviews, or fuck without a Facebook background check. It was expensive. It took a lot of time. I ended up with MANUMISSION records. It was how I wasted my youth ( and beyond) and kids today wouldn’t dream of doing something so stupid, but obviously I am defined by It. Obsolescence is mandatory all we can do is take solace in our old habits or give them up completely.


Fast forward to today and Record Store Day is a big deal.  There is even an off shoot called “Cassette Store Day” ( that just boggles my fucking mind.   I understand the music industry is in poor shape even in a time when music seems to be more prevalent in your lives than ever as we spend an increasing amount of time in front of media.  I don’t blame the major labels and indies for trying to latch on to anything that will keep the lights on and that something like RSD might be the death rattle of the music industry as the streaming economy is coming to destroy everything, forever (you know except for the streaming companies).  I understand why everyone is getting in on this “store day” thing, but what I don’t understand is:


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Masquerade from Finland are about to embark on a mini vacation tour in August playing shows in California, Mexico, and Nevada.  They play an appropriated sound of what I like to call 80’s fashion goth like Siouxsie, Rubella Ballet, and Vice Squad.  I’m a huge fan of their music and singer Suzi Sabotage’s fashion sense they have a very cool aesthetic that carries through in their music. I wish we had more female fronted musicians like her in the US really, the closest we have would be Anya from Vivid Sekt and Mare from Verraterisch.  They all really have their own style are not afraid to add visual theatrics to the power of their music. If anything go to their shows just to see what Suzi will be wearing or slash up the dance floor with your winklepickers.

suzi3 suzi4 suzi2suzi5


Anya of Vivid Sekt


Mare of Verraterisch

order limited verison of Masquerade's debut 12" here.

order limited color version of Masquerade’s debut 12″ here.

Order Vivid Sekt's debut 12" here

Order Vivid Sekt’s debut 12″ here






Shadowhouse will embark on an upcoming mini Pacific Northwest tour with 80’s legends Eleven Pond.  If you get a chance I really advise for you to go to these shows.  Eleven Pond is a real treat to see, you will not be disappointed .  Shadowhouse always brings the romance to the dance floor.  You never know you might just walk away married at the end of it all.


We have extremely limited copies of their debut LP Hand in Hand available.

order here.

order here.




Annex “Depués de VI” LP

annexlpYoung dark punks from a border town in Texas give the classic goth rock sound a well needed raw punk update. The distorted effect driven guitar theatrics are intact, but they are given extra bite as they shine from behind shadows of feedback. Vocalist Nikole sings in desperation and fury without abandoning melody, giving this record a hard-core edge. Its hard to hear where the post punk influences end and the dark melodic hard-core begin, which is a great thing in my opinion! Not dance floor goth music for sure but sure to tear up a post punk club near you and knock you and your drink to the ground.  This release is super limited in US approx. 127 copies, available on blue vinyl.  This is a co-release with Imminent Destruction Records, so please all Euro friends order through them.

Limited blue vinyl available here for purchase

Limited blue vinyl available here for purchase

Mini East coast Tour planned for August 2015.


Annex will also be playing the San La Muerte Fest hosted in San Antonio, TX August 27th-29th Poster art by Cait A.

Annex will also be playing the San La Muerte Fest hosted in San Antonio, TX August 27th-29th Poster art by Cait A.




Cvlt Nation interview with Annex as well as stream and review of their LP by Oliver Sheppard

Cvlt Nation interview with Annex as well as stream and review of their LP by Oliver Sheppard

Lunch “Let Us Have Madness Openly” LP

lunchcoverAnother great post punk band from Portland?  BELIEVE IT.  Lunch is a young band that has matured quickly and being among bands both locally and sonically such as ESTRANGED, ARCTIC FLOWERS, BELLICOSE MINDS, UNDERPASS, and SHADOWHOUSE have treated their brooding mixture of post punk and downtrodden garage well.  ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN and GUN CLUB are two of the most apparent influences as LUNCH don’t shy away from melody and a pounding mid tempo punk backbone, while retaining the austere tones of THE MOB and CHAMELEONS.  Immediately catchy and well produced with lots of extra instrumentation (saxophone , synth, etc) to give this record a full sound worthy of their 80’s influences. Don’t pass this record up, beautifully written from beginning to end.

“Let Us Have Madness Openly” was recorded by Stan Wright at Buzz and Howl Studios and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Piano/ synths by Brenton Salo and saxophone by Andrea K (Vice Device).

Includes download card
white or clear vinyl

Purchase vinyl here!

Purchase Vinyl Here!

Purchase Vinyl Here!

Purchase Vinyl Here!



Lunch "Let Us Have Madness Openly" LP review, interview, and stream on Cvlt Nation by Oliver Sheppard.

Lunch “Let Us Have Madness Openly” LP review, interview, and stream on Cvlt Nation by Oliver Sheppard.



Moth “Singles and Early Demos” LP out now!

mothsinglespartyliveMMR 30 is ready to go and we are proud to be working with one of our favorite bands going right now Copenhagen Denmark’s MOTH.  The idea behind this release started when they recorded a new EP’s worth of material and instead of just releasing a 7 inch we loved the material so much that we decided to re releases all the band’s super hard to get (some of these were limited to 100 and very few made it to the United States) self released EPs.  This album is a great listen as it has a wide variety of MOTH’s stellar cold wave sounds and my favorite stuff is the NEW material which brings the band into even DARKER territory.  Give it a listen and don’t forget to pick up the vinyl for which we are including a FREE SCREENPRINTED PATCH while supplies last.

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Metro Cult “Transparent” EP and video

Synth punk is a term that is thrown around alot.  And rightfully so it can mean anything from the Screamers to the Faint, and somewhere in the middle there is Copenhagen Denmark’s latest addition to the Mass Media Family, Metro Cult. The band prefers the term “wave punk” to describe their music, very much in the lineage of Danish new wave bands still bit by the noisy punk bug in the early 80s like ADS.  While I do hear much of the 80s influence in their music, and maybe the synthesizer as an plugged-in-and-amped instrument while always recall the great decade, Metro Cult definitely moves beyond and does bring to mind some 90s bands, and i mean that in the best way possible.   They are angry AND danceable, melodic and discordant.   Comprised of members of Artificial Monuments and other DIY punk bands, Metro Cult hails from the same DIY post punk scene as the great MOTH and the two bands are close friends and collaborators.  We were blown away when we first heard this band on the essential Lets Peter Out compilation and their debut on Mass Media is even more crucial. Check it out

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