Moth “Singles and Early Demos” LP out now!

mothsinglespartyliveMMR 30 is ready to go and we are proud to be working with one of our favorite bands going right now Copenhagen Denmark’s MOTH.  The idea behind this release started when they recorded a new EP’s worth of material and instead of just releasing a 7 inch we loved the material so much that we decided to re releases all the band’s super hard to get (some of these were limited to 100 and very few made it to the United States) self released EPs.  This album is a great listen as it has a wide variety of MOTH’s stellar cold wave sounds and my favorite stuff is the NEW material which brings the band into even DARKER territory.  Give it a listen and don’t forget to pick up the vinyl for which we are including a FREE SCREENPRINTED PATCH while supplies last.

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Metro Cult “Transparent” EP and video

Synth punk is a term that is thrown around alot.  And rightfully so it can mean anything from the Screamers to the Faint, and somewhere in the middle there is Copenhagen Denmark’s latest addition to the Mass Media Family, Metro Cult. The band prefers the term “wave punk” to describe their music, very much in the lineage of Danish new wave bands still bit by the noisy punk bug in the early 80s like ADS.  While I do hear much of the 80s influence in their music, and maybe the synthesizer as an plugged-in-and-amped instrument while always recall the great decade, Metro Cult definitely moves beyond and does bring to mind some 90s bands, and i mean that in the best way possible.   They are angry AND danceable, melodic and discordant.   Comprised of members of Artificial Monuments and other DIY punk bands, Metro Cult hails from the same DIY post punk scene as the great MOTH and the two bands are close friends and collaborators.  We were blown away when we first heard this band on the essential Lets Peter Out compilation and their debut on Mass Media is even more crucial. Check it out

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We have some new distribution partners!

We are very proud to be working with the following distributors as well as many other distros around the world STORES we deal direct as well as through these fine people.

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