February 2017

Greetings.  I wanted to continue our last post with news that Nikole from Annex has a new project titled Her Corrosion.  You will find a nice collection of interviews and news in the current dark arts scene.  Please go to Her Corrosion

Nikole worked very hard on the site and it’s quite a task to compile and design a site like hers.  Also, if you would like to submit or contribute please contact Nikole at nikole.wave@gmail.com

Also, Annex released a new cover single on their bandcamp, The Cure’s “One Hundred Years” you can listen, buy, or stream.  Annex are also working on their follow up LP to DESPUÉS DE VI LP, it will be released on Occult Whispers (Chicago).

Her Corrosion features a great interview with Cait Autonomy, a long time friend and contributor to Mass Media.  You’ll find out all about her history and her current endeavors, which includes playing bass in Shadowhouse.  YAY!  Which we are finally happy to announce a limited repress of their debut LP “Hand in Hand” will be shipping in April.  You can pre-order HERE.

We are also running a spring set special for a limited time. 5 LP’s for $40 The Ladies Spring set includes all female fronted / driven bands:

Masses “Moloch” LP // Annex “Despues de Vi” LP // Masquerade “Blood is the New Black” 12″ // Totenwald “Wrong Place Wrong Time” 12″ // Wives “Devoted to You” LP  we actually only have a few copies left of certain titles so it is limited.  We are making room for our 2017 releases so please support us!

Altar De Fey featured on Bandcamp Daily

Altar De Fey are featured on the front of Bandcamp Daily along with a write up of the Echoes in the Corridor LP and a full interview by Andi Harriman.  Today we will have the Altar De Fey LP for sale at a reduced cost on both the site and bandcamp for $10…. so get it before they are gone!!! GO HERE: http://massmediarecords.bigcartel.com/product/altar-dey-fey-lp-pre-order

For Bandcamp Daily GO HERE   https://daily.bandcamp.com/2017/02/15/altar-de-fey-interview/

Also for those who are unfamiliar with Andi Harriman she did an excellent interview with Nikole from Annex / Her Corrosion that can be read here:


Nikole did such an excellent job on this new endeavor interviewing a diverse group of women involved in post punk / dark arts music scene.  Have a look through the site as there will be new interviews and blog announcements added.  On a different note, I’ve been extremely sick again for multiple weeks now and finally seem to be getting better.. fingers crossed.  Today is also a super sad day for me as it is my late sisters birthday, she would have been 35.  I miss her so much, sometimes i think it’s so ironic that I’ve always been so drawn to dark music and arts and that my life has had such tragedy and that’s just too much darkness.  I know the light is out there and I get glimmers of hope and happiness of course, but still sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the dark when it’s all too real.  Anyways, I digress..   Happy darkest of days everyone!

Winter 2016

Hey everyone, We are back after our annual fall hiatus.  We will be moving away from facebook as it really does not serve us too well, with reach becoming less and less due to their every changing platform.  So please check back here often.  Anyway, enough of that boring nonsense, on to some news. Our good friend Rik that runs Nothing but a Nightmare (shop) will be taking over a lot of the label work for us.  He runs a small shop and label himself and also has made his space available for touring bands to play small intimate shows. Also our bigcartel shop will have some updates and new products, as some of you may know or not know we used to run a small shop in Costa Mesa/Santa Ana and we have tons of merch from our shop still that we are working on listing. (jewelry, zines, clothes, patches, pins, records)

As some of you may or may not know MOTH has officially split up.  We were so lucky enough to be able to see their only US show in Texas at SLM2016.  I must say that everything about that band is magical and beautiful, their music, the people, just everything.  We are so honored to have been able to release their music and in some small way be part of their magic. The members of MOTH are just so incredibly talented and really are very influential to us.  They released so many hits in my humble opinion, they were so driven and active in their process that just amazed me every time  they released something new.  The members of MOTH have gone on of course to continue in new bands and write new music so I expect more great things to come from all of them.


MOTH photo by Robert SLM 2016 – Punkitos Photos


MOTH photo by Vivre at Ungdomshuset.


MOTH photo by Ina Noire


MOTH at Nothing Nice to Say Fest 2016

Also MOTH has a new and final new release out, it’s a split with Kold Front (featuring members of Metro Cult) you can purchase it here http://elektriskeplader.com/shop/


MOTH / Kold Front split

We also have just a very few copies left of the MOTH / Prison split EP which is up in our webshop now.  Pressing was limited to 150 copies on colored vinyl with screen printed covers.  Available here : http://massmediarecords.bigcartel.com/product/moth-prison-split-ep


MOTH / Prison split EP

That concludes our update.  Big hugs and kisses to MOTH!  xoxo


MOTH enamel pin




Masses North American tour & LP release


Masses from Melbourne, Australia have released their debut LP and are planning a North American tour in support of their release.  The LP is a cooperative release by both Mass Media Records and Lost in Fog Records in Australia.  Both labels are run by women which is a huge undertaking in and of itself.  Lost in Fog is ran by Tessa who also slays in Masses!  So like support us!


The album maintains the bands anxious goth post-punk style from earlier releases, this time utilizing more duel vocals from both guitarist James and synth player Nellie. MOLOCH explores both the driving anarcho sounds and politically motivated themes reminiscent of bands such as The Mob, whilst also delving into more emotive and dancey goth and post punk inspired tracks drawing from bands such as The Creatures and Lost Tribe.  In my opinion if those two bands got married and had a baby it would be Masses.  I’m a weirdo though, so you’ll have to listen for yourself…


To purchase the LP go here: http://massmediarecords.bigcartel.com/product/masses-moloch-lp-pre-order

The LP is available to be purchased on it’s own or as a set with a limited edition Masses enamel pin (limited quantities available).  Seriously I don’t have many of these left.. I’ll be posting Masses logo earrings soon as well!


To purchase the enamel pin go here: http://massmediarecords.bigcartel.com/product/masses-enamel-lapel-pin

Masses will embark on a North American tour in July 2016 and end at San La Muerte fest in San Antonio, Tx. (Only Texas date)


“Hidden” track of Moloch LP, see I told you… The Creatures meet Lost Tribe. xoxo


Mass Media Zine Cast interview with Cait Autonomy

It’s been super crazy around here the past few weeks.  We’ve got some amazing new releases out Altar De Fey LP, Totenwald 12″, Private Pact LP, Masses LP, and Silent Scream LP.  We are also working hard on coordinating the SLM artshow / pre-party with the wonderful Cait Autonomy.  For those of you who do not know her she is like the sweetest person ever, so be her friend already.  We have played in bands with Cait…  Resist ad Exist //  Autonomy (CA) // Weekend Warrior.   We’ve traveled and toured with her and she is our family.  So support her and buy her art.


Resist and Exist 2007

We would like to thank the Belfry Network for hosting our interview, please go and check out their other podcasts as well, you’ll like them!

So as many of you know Cait is an amazing artist, she does a lot of work for Mass Media… flyers, posters, merch, etc. She did art for a limited edition tote bag for her label Punk Ritual that can be purchased here: http://massmediarecords.bigcartel.com/product/punk-ritual-tote-bag-illustrated-by-cait-a

Continue reading

Mass Media Zine Cast interview with Robert Sullen for SLM 2016

Hey Everyone… Here is our first ever Mass Media Records Zine Cast, featuring the radical Robert Sullen curator and host for San La Muerte fest, August 4th-6th 2016 in San Antonio, Tx.


Robert Sullen curator/host of San La Muerte Fest.

Listen to full interview here:

Robert is also a world traveler, musician, and photographer, he will be exhibiting his photos at the artshow pre-party for San La Muerte Fest 2016.  He is also the drummer to Christ vs. Warhol. Continue reading

Sierpien “Zawsze Nasze” LP Mass Media Records 2015

Sierpien’s LP actually came out in late December 2014, but didn’t officially release til after the new year in January 2015.  I’m not sure where to really begin with Sierpien, as this band started out as a two man project with Artem being the driving force behind almost all of the music and vision for where the band is today. First off, Sierpien are from Moscow, Russia, however their name Sierpien is Polish meaning “August”. They are heavily influenced by Zimna Fala (Polish Coldwave), it’s really undeniable how incredibly transcending this album is, as this record could easily pass for a record that came out in the 1980’s.  For me it’s just brilliant, it’s dark, cold, danceable, and Russian!


Sierpien “Zawsze Nasze” LP limited red vinyl.


Artem of Sierpien


The LP was limited to a US pressing of 300 on Mass Media Records, and has also been pressed in Europe on cassette and CD format.  This record would go on and be touted by Maximum Rock n Roll as a contender for “Record of the Year” and top tens in MRR as well as having an interview published in said zine.  Sierpien would begin to play as a full lineup and tour in Europe in 2015.  They also released a split tape with Salome’s Dance on Occult Whispers.  You can order a copy HERE!


Sierpien / Salome’s Dance split tape

Sierpien is a very underrated band and I’m still waiting for people to discover how amazing they are.  Imagine if The Mob, Crisis, and Sikiera made a baby they would name it Sierpien.  Anarcho punks and peace punks should be all into them.  Sierpien’s lyrics are in Russian and the nature of the lyrics are political in nature.  It makes for the perfect positive punk record to come out in a very very long time. This is one of those records I was waiting for in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when bands were just pumping out crust, grind, and pizza thrash.  I couldn’t understand why peace punk just went away.  Finally, we started to see a small resurgence with bands like OK?, Vivid Sekt, and Arctic Flowers and then would come the “post punk” explosion in the punk scene.  It would take a few more years but finally Sierpien were born!


One important fact I must say about Sierpien is in regards to Artem the lead vocalist.  His vocals are on point, dark and yearning, you just can’t go wrong.  Artem is also one of the most knowledgeable people regarding Zimna Fala and Eastern European post punk.  He’s a genius!  The LP was streamed and reviewed on Cvlt Nation and included a very in depth interview with Artem regarding the band and the current state of Russian and Ukrainian conflict. You can Read it HERE


Artem from Sierpien wearing the most awesome Cemetery shirt with artwork by Sam Nigrosh of Cemetery.

Sierpien are still playing and have released an EP and a split with Kandahar from Poland. They just finished recording their second LP and are currently looking for a label to release it.  We can’t wait to hear it and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!


You can contact Sierpien HERE

You can buy Sierpien’s LP “Zawsze Nasze” HERE

We are also running a special bundle set for both Masquerade 12″ and Sierpien LP since it’s winter and both bands feel wintery to me.  You can BUY THEM BOTH HERE

Next up MOTH… to be continued….





Happy New Year! Release schedule countdown 2015!

We’ve decided to do a release schedule countdown for all the releases that came out in 2015 on Mass Media.  Some releases are still available while others are sold out, nevertheless they all have a special place in our hearts.

Masquerade “Blood is the New Black” 12″  officially released around the 1st of the year 2015.


Photo by our friend David of Transylvanian Flag

Masquerade “Blood is the New Black” 12″ – Masquerade are from Helsinki, Finland they had released a demo in the summer of 2013 that was highly sought after and received some acclaim in modern deathrock circles.  We were super excited to hear new recordings by Masquerade and most people had thought that they had broken up since they went through multiple lineup changes as the lead singer Suzi became known as difficult.  We were happy to hear that they indeed continued on and had what we thought was a great follow up to their demo.  The production value and aesthetic were on point and with Suzi working hard at maintaining a solid lineup and continually touring throughout Europe and eventually the US in late August 2015.

Official music video for “Needle Through a Bug” off their Demo.

Official Music Video for “All Things Hurt” off Blood is the New Black 12″


Masquerade live in Wroclaw, Poland at Return to the Batcave Festival 2015

For me Suzi is Masquerade she commands an audience similarly to Siouxsie Sioux, the same moves, vocal abilities, and fashion.  Masquerade is no doubt informed by the Banshees and that is exactly what I love about them.  It’s like if the Banshees made a new record and that is precisely why I love this record so much.  It’s also probably why some people don’t like this record or are critical about it.


Masquerade live in St. Petersburg, Russian 2015

As noted Masquerade toured the Western US in August 2015, they were supposed to play San La Muerte Fest in San Antonio, Tx. and decided not to for logistic purposes.  That was a real shame because they would have been a great fit and the shows that they did play in California were poorly attended unfortunately.  Years ago if a band from Finland was touring the show would have undoubtedly been packed because it was a touring band from Finland.  That’s just not the case anymore, it’s becoming harder and harder to get people to come out to shows, it’s like the movement has gone back to it’s infancy.


Suzi of Masquerade / Virgin in Veil 2015

The “Blood is the New Black” 12″ was released in Finland on Fight Records and in the US on Mass Media Records.  Limited red vinyl is only available for the US version.   It can be ordered direct through us HERE

Masquerade are still playing and have just finished working on a follow up to the “Blood is the New Black” 12″.  Their new release will be released in Finland on Fight Records and they are currently looking for a US label to release it here as well, so contact them if you want to release it.  Here is the official video for “Panic Paranoia” off their upcoming release in 2016.

You can follow Suzi on TUMBLR HERE

You can follow and contact Masquerade on  Facebook HERE

You can buy Masquerade’s  “Blood is the new Black” 12″ HERE

Next up Sierpien to be continued…




Nikole & Migas of Annex “Top performances of 2015”

Shadow Age – Richmond, VA

We saw Shadow Age in Richmond, Va. Shadow Age’s performance had the perfect ambiance for their melodic and haunting sound. With just the right amount of fog filled air, they were f*cking (not surprisingly) perfect. Aaron Tyree has such a smooth voice and their set was more of an experience rather than a performance because of their super tight musicianship. Typically, we stray to the harsher side of post-punk, yet Shadow Age was so captivating and real that there is no denying that they easily take out a lot of the post-punk bands emerging in the world right now.

Shadow Age live in Los Angeles at Part Time Punks.


Cemetery – Chicago, IL

Cemetery played at San la Muerte Fest in San Antonio, TX. As most of us know, Cemetery is one of the best modern deathrock bands in the U.S. Their live performance was amazing to say the very least. The Texas crowd was thirsty for Cemetery and immediately detonated once they started playing. Desmond and Sam kept their guitar sound solid despite all the action. This performance was especially near and dear for us because we got to experience Cemetery with both Tricia and Cameron from MMR. I think we are all still having withdrawals from Cemetery’s set that night and, well, from the entire fest in general.

Cemetery live at San La Muerte fest, San Antonio, Tx.  Photo by Robert Flores “Sullen Serenade”


I can not agree more, Cemetery seriously blew my mind live.  I had an out of body experience through their entire set.  I just wanted them to play over and over again like for the rest of my life. Do not pass up a chance to see them live.  They are incredibly fucking powerful, best band in US hands down!  – Tricia //

Cemetery “Demo” LP limited screen printed cover

Survival – New York City, NY

Survival played at Latino Punk Fest in NYC during August. We played right before them at LPF’s Post-Punk After Party at around 3:30 am inside of Rudy’s Barbershop. The night had turned into a dance party as soon as the first note kicked in. Survival was refreshing and super killer. Jess P.’s vocals and moves were fresh AF. Survival’s beats and guitar sound were perfect for blazing and dancing in NYC. This was one of our favorite sets at LPF.

Wrung – New York City, NY

Watching Wrung reminded us of what some dark punk / post-punk bands try to do but don’t get quite right. They had well constructed songs and a sound that was catchy yet goth. We hadn’t heard Wrung before we watched them because they hadn’t recorded any material yet but that didn’t matter once they started playing because it was kind of cooler to just get to see them live first. Wrung represented NYC so well. They were gritty, quirky in a really dark way and Steven Raftis’ stage presence was truly intriguing. Wrung has recently recorded so we’re really anticipating hearing the final product. We hope to see more of Wrung in the future.

Muerte – Mexico City, D.F.

Muerte played the main stage at Latino Punk Fest in NYC. Muerte encompasses the raw dark punk sound that’s emerged from Mexico. The intensity of their live performance was just blistering and straight forward. Dark melodies and fast hardcore punk progressions, easily gave the crowd what they had anticipated. They are one of the biggest dark punk bands in Mexico and easily were one of the biggest highlights of LPF 2015.

I want to thank Nikole and Migas for taking the time to contribute their top performances for 2015. There is nothing better than seeing a live performance by a band, their enthusiasm, personality, and depth as musicians can really leave a lasting impact on people.  So with that said, go to shows even if you are tired and it’s cold outside.  It takes a lot of work and effort to play in bands, so lets all support each other.  Our scene is what we make of it!  Please go see Annex if you get a chance, their performance at San La Muerte Fest was one of the best, they brought such power and fury, they are just amazing!  Also, please buy their releases.  Labels can not maintain themselves if everyone is just downloading music, the physical format is everlasting and a true archive.  Annex LP is still available through us and Imminent Destruction Records UK and Annex also has a new EP out on Occult Whispers ran by Dez of Cemetery.  xoxo Tricia