Mass Media Zine Cast interview with Cait Autonomy

It’s been super crazy around here the past few weeks.  We’ve got some amazing new releases out Altar De Fey LP, Totenwald 12″, Private Pact LP, Masses LP, and Silent Scream LP.  We are also working hard on coordinating the SLM artshow / pre-party with the wonderful Cait Autonomy.  For those of you who do not know her she is like the sweetest person ever, so be her friend already.  We have played in bands with Cait…  Resist ad Exist //  Autonomy (CA) // Weekend Warrior.   We’ve traveled and toured with her and she is our family.  So support her and buy her art.


Resist and Exist 2007

We would like to thank the Belfry Network for hosting our interview, please go and check out their other podcasts as well, you’ll like them!

So as many of you know Cait is an amazing artist, she does a lot of work for Mass Media… flyers, posters, merch, etc. She did art for a limited edition tote bag for her label Punk Ritual that can be purchased here:


Punk Ritual tote by Cait Autonomy

Cait will be one of the featured artist at SLM 2016, she will have illustrations on display as well as a BDSM room where you can ask her anything about her current work, as well as get naughty with her!  Do not miss this opportunity to meet this Portland hottie at SLM 2016!  xoxo



SLM 2015 poster by Cait Autonomy

Last year at SLM 2015 Cait was on the perpetual hunt for a blonde hottie, she found one in Austin the last day we were there.  However, the blonde hottie turned out to have a boyfriend that looked like the dude from Static X.  So ladies Cait is single and looking for a babe with any hair color (though she still prefers blondes)!


Ball and Gag Spider by Cait Autonomy


Cvnt Ritual by Cait Autonomy


Death Spirit by Cait Autonomy

Cait is the exclusive artist for San La Muerte Fest!


SLM 2016 poster by Cait Autonomy

So, if you have listened to the zine cast you will know now that Cait is a sex worker in Portland and you can follow her and contact her on Instagram : Caitautonomy


Shibari Cait


Check out her website here:

For tickets to this years San La Muerte Fest go here : SLM TICKETS 2016