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Lunch on west coast tour now

Portland’s Lunch are leaving on their west coast tour like right now.  Be sure to catch this great young band and pick up their debut LP.

We will be hosting their Orange County Show

on October 11 at our good friend Rik’s rehearsal/recording studio and record store Nothing But A Nightmare

in Garden Grove CA along with Swampland, Nefarious Posi, Cat Party, Terminal A and NAPS!



September news 1.0

Where has the time gone?  Seriously, I feel as though I am still recovering from San La Muerte fest that went down the last weekend of August in San Antonio, Tx.  We came back home to record breaking heat and mounds of work from our day jobs as well as plenty of label work to catch up on.  Anyway, it’s good to be back home and I’m glad we were able to take the time off to go to Texas.  My only complaint really is that I gained like 10lbs back from what I lost before I left for the trip.  Continue reading