Sierpien “Zawsze Nasze” LP Mass Media Records 2015

Sierpien’s LP actually came out in late December 2014, but didn’t officially release til after the new year in January 2015.  I’m not sure where to really begin with Sierpien, as this band started out as a two man project with Artem being the driving force behind almost all of the music and vision for where the band is today. First off, Sierpien are from Moscow, Russia, however their name Sierpien is Polish meaning “August”. They are heavily influenced by Zimna Fala (Polish Coldwave), it’s really undeniable how incredibly transcending this album is, as this record could easily pass for a record that came out in the 1980’s.  For me it’s just brilliant, it’s dark, cold, danceable, and Russian!


Sierpien “Zawsze Nasze” LP limited red vinyl.


Artem of Sierpien


The LP was limited to a US pressing of 300 on Mass Media Records, and has also been pressed in Europe on cassette and CD format.  This record would go on and be touted by Maximum Rock n Roll as a contender for “Record of the Year” and top tens in MRR as well as having an interview published in said zine.  Sierpien would begin to play as a full lineup and tour in Europe in 2015.  They also released a split tape with Salome’s Dance on Occult Whispers.  You can order a copy HERE!


Sierpien / Salome’s Dance split tape

Sierpien is a very underrated band and I’m still waiting for people to discover how amazing they are.  Imagine if The Mob, Crisis, and Sikiera made a baby they would name it Sierpien.  Anarcho punks and peace punks should be all into them.  Sierpien’s lyrics are in Russian and the nature of the lyrics are political in nature.  It makes for the perfect positive punk record to come out in a very very long time. This is one of those records I was waiting for in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when bands were just pumping out crust, grind, and pizza thrash.  I couldn’t understand why peace punk just went away.  Finally, we started to see a small resurgence with bands like OK?, Vivid Sekt, and Arctic Flowers and then would come the “post punk” explosion in the punk scene.  It would take a few more years but finally Sierpien were born!


One important fact I must say about Sierpien is in regards to Artem the lead vocalist.  His vocals are on point, dark and yearning, you just can’t go wrong.  Artem is also one of the most knowledgeable people regarding Zimna Fala and Eastern European post punk.  He’s a genius!  The LP was streamed and reviewed on Cvlt Nation and included a very in depth interview with Artem regarding the band and the current state of Russian and Ukrainian conflict. You can Read it HERE


Artem from Sierpien wearing the most awesome Cemetery shirt with artwork by Sam Nigrosh of Cemetery.

Sierpien are still playing and have released an EP and a split with Kandahar from Poland. They just finished recording their second LP and are currently looking for a label to release it.  We can’t wait to hear it and DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!


You can contact Sierpien HERE

You can buy Sierpien’s LP “Zawsze Nasze” HERE

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